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I am proud to speak to you about D-Magazine, the magazine for transgender M/Fs, their truth and their dreams, the magazine that accompanies you, that supports you and values you, because we transsexuals have gained in assertiveness and freedom. D-Magazine is today the newspaper of the spirit and the style. It deciphers the most pointed tendencies of the society, proposes you stories of women with singular and captivating sight, we build each month like an adventure, fashion, beauty, intimate personalities. To present you our vision of the world, of the trans feminist, strong and powerful, but also sometimes fragile, attacked, troubled, questioning. We are here to share your life as it is, but also as you dream it, because we have always been close to you. We work to offer you the best, most beautiful, strongest and most desirable women’s magazine.I love my work very much, but as everyone it is the purpose of a fashion magazine is to create is to sell a model image to the woman, so I imagined a magazine that pays tribute to all people as it is a magazine for all those who are looking for a plan B, an alternative to the tabloid press and the cult of appearance Your children will probably be interested in reading D-Magazine a real reference for today’s transgender people a magazine that encourages transgender people to get involved invites them to feel good about themselves and their lives.
Unemployed for 1 year now, I have 5 months of unemployment left.
Blog creation date: 2015
Official creation date: November 14, 2019
Need in funds for an editorial team: 35 000€.
Creation and establishment of the company: 3 500€ :
Development, cost and requirements: 5 000€.
Type of application: Madmagazine online see further in the future a print magazine.
With my convictions and sincerity. So see you soon in my pages!
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